Red, White, Black and never go back!

Colour Palettes of Santorini Island

The Cycladic colour palettes of the islands’ architecture, style and design ask for blue domed churches sprinkled all around their mainlands, white-washed walls and buildings with colorful little wooden doors shouting holidays in Greece and summery, warm, free nights only constrained by the infinite of the sky.

Santorini also follows this motive of the Cycladic complex, but this is surely not the case when taking into consideration its special beaches. There, the Cycladic chromatic sequence is clearly altered in more eerie tones directly related to the geological activity of the volcano through all these years. The Red, White & Black beaches of Santorini are primarily monuments for the island and its international visitors, that you can simply also dive into them.

Red Beach in Santorini

Red Beach in Santorini

Red Beach

An alien landscape perched into human territory. The red beach is one of the most popular beaches of Santorini and the most famous among the thousands tourists visiting it every year. If you have not brought your car with you, rent one from ArtMaisons and drive to this monumental natural formation. Leave the car at the free parking provided close to the beach and in a few minute hiking you will experience an image not seen before in any place of the world. The red sheer cliffs, the russet pebble and the dark blue waters comprise an extraterrestrial volcanic canvas of colours in a mind-blowing image that will be etched to your memory forever. The rough contradiction of the scenery with the vivid, joyful yelling along with the full of colors bathing suits and umbrellas of the tourists make the image even more abrupt to the eye. The beach is not accessible by car and the only ways to swim in its waters is, as mentioned, by a few minute hiking or by boat from Akrotiri.

White Beach in Santorini

White Beach in Santorini

White Beach

In complete contrast with the red beach, the white beach landscape features a totally different colour palette equally… inhuman though. The high, ice-grey, white rocks of the beach in relation to its pumice stone ground and its black sand draw an utterly lunar picture of alien beauty as well. Its crystal clear, transparent waters create a divine reflection with the white colour of the adjacent rocks making the landscape even more magical. The white beach is a small beach, more quiet and comprise a natural part of the red beach, as they are separated by just a small path. You can also approach the beach from Akrotiri and you should be equipped with water and anything else you may need as there is nothing to buy there..

Black Beach in Santorini

Black Beach in Santorini

Black Beach

In reality the black beach is not considered as one specific beach rather than many beaches spreading along various seafront Santorinian settlements in large parts of the island. The black beach passes through the popular villages of Perivolos, Monolithos, Perissa, and Kamari and especially the parts of the beach running through the two latest are very organised with lots of sunbeds, umbrellas and watersports activities. What is the characteristic that all these parts share? The black volcanic sand comprises a common element in huge coastal ranges in Santorini, thus creating an image bringing to mind landscapes from Mordor at the Lord of the Rings!

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