Covid-19 update

Just as the best view comes after the hardest climb, our prayers and best wishes are for everyone affected across the globe to once again find their way to the best views in life after such a hard climb.

We wish to genuinely thank you all those who have supported us and continue to do so by choosing Art Maisons as home during your vacation in Santorini.

In these challenging times, we need to show our gratitude and respect to our staff and collaborators, who just like the gold not afraid of furnace, they are working hard to provide solutions and ensure our guests safety and joy in our small corner of paradise.

In Greece, due the decisive and early measures that the Government has taken, the spread of the virus has been contained in relatively low levels, and therefore the country is being considered as one of the safest in Europe.

We at Art Maisons will abide and follow the Greek government health and hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of our guests, staff and community safety and we are committed to monitor and take all precautious to make sure your precious moments with us are both safe and mesmerizing.

This crisis has taught us how fragile and precious is the time we have to enjoy with the loved ones. Despite all hardships, we are bound to travel the world to collect memories and lessons to share and conquer ourselves.

We do not promise you a “hospital like stay”, but we promise you a collection of beautiful experiences with very friendly and hospitable people, stunning views, tasty food.

We open our doors and hearts to another season and invite you to an upgraded and fascinating journey to our Santorini island with its majestic cliffs, blue domes and white washed houses cascading on the cliff and the deep blue Aegean Sea.

The conditions created by COVID-19 require all of us to be even more mindful and respectful of each other’s wellbeing. Accordingly, we have modified our operational procedures to protect and at the same time ensure we deliver high-quality service to our guests.

Training and keeping up to date

We have been training all of our hotel staff on hygiene protocols and the guidelines provided by the health authorities in regards to the Covid-19. Furthermore, the staff will be wearing personal protective masks and gloves as mandated by the protocols, keeping social distancing and frequently washing hands as per guidelines to combat Covid-19. Also health checks will be conducted daily on each member to ensure they are in good health.

Reservation procedures

Starting from the reservation process, we email our guests with valuable information in regards to the Covid-19 and the current status in Greece, as well as useful information about the health and safety protocols that we follow.


we ensure luxurious private transportation to and from the hotel and the driver will be keeping all the safety measurements such as wearing mask and gloves, and having in the car hand sanitizers at your disposal.

Check in

Check in is at 15:00pm and for a fast and sufficient check in, we have applied the online check in system in order to avoid any contact and be fast and efficient so you can immediately start enjoying your plunge pool and the breathtaking views. Furthermore, we steam sanitize your luggage before we place them to your room.

Check out

The check out time is a 11:00 am, in order to ensure enough time to thoroughly clean and sanitize the room for 15:00pm official check in time. Upon departure we will minimize the use of cash, and  the invoice of the accommodation will be electronically send to you via email. Lastly, the keys are collected and placed at a special box for disinfection before reuse.


Following the same logic, we provide you with a glimpse, several concierge information via our WhatsApp application. Of course, we are also physically present to explain in details every questions that you may have and make the necessary arrangements for you.

In Room Service

We will be providing Personal Hygiene & Protection Kits to our guests, including masks, antiseptic gel and gloves.

Furthermore, when it comes to cleaning procedures:

  • We Think Ecological, and use professional steamers for cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in the room, mattresses, pillows, sofas and sunbathing loungers.
  • Filters of the air conditioned are cleaned after each departure.
  • Mini bar items will be removed and the items can be order upon request.
  • Each Suite has its own private entrance and  terrace with a plunge pool or jacuzzi, which are cleansed and chlorinated daily.

Public areas

All the public spaces of the hotel are equipped with sanitizing stations and will be constantly disinfected by dedicated housekeepers who will be focusing on high touch surfaces.

Common Pool area

Staff will provide guests with towels to cover the sunbeds, which will be disinfected after every guests use. Multiple guests will not be allowed in the pool area simultaneously and staff will ensure this through close monitoring of the pool area.

Restaurant and Room service

We have transformed the settlement of our main restaurant as well as of our common pool area in accordance to the designated space between tables, chairs and sun loungers. Furthermore, we will disinfect all touching surfaces after the use of them and in between different guests. Finally, we have intensified our room service in order to enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner at your own privacy in the event that you do not wish to join the restaurant.

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