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The Unique Local Products of Santorini

A volcano eruption that ended a civilization and sunk an island. Santorini has gone through a lot with its volcano, but it has also provided the island with a very specific soil consistency, making local products truly unique.

Locally grown ingredients are used to produce special Mediterranean dishes with “Santorini” written all over their pallet. Famous restaurants all over the island use these rare treasures to provide you with the most exquisite tasting dishes. The most famous products of Thira are:

The Santorini cherry tomato

The Santorini Cherry Tomato

The noted Santorini cherry tomato is of a unique kind, that thrived thanks to the arid soil of the island. Its cultivation grew more during the 18th century and now it’s a regular produce. Tomato paste and tomato fried balls (a regional dish of Santorini like vegetarian meatballs) are made using this type cherry tomato giving them a really inimitable taste.

Fava-split peas

Santorini split peas have very distinctive attributes as they grow up in a delicate process, which is unique on this island. They have a purer aroma and they are more firm that other legumes. You are going to find them in lots of recipes, along with onion, pork, aubergines and tomatoes, as well as the notorious mashed fava dish.



It’s smaller than normal, has a darker shade and many seeds, but local Santorini watermelon is considerably more delicious than any other of its kind.


Shrubs of wild capers are everywhere to be found on the island. Locals pick their fruit and the leaves. Santorini’s caper is very aromatic and spicy.

White aubergine

Eggplants from Santorini have different colour, are much sweeter and really juicy, due to the volcanic soil.


Its round shape is very characteristic for this zucchini, it has no other distinct feature, but its naturally acquired shape makes it really popular in Greek cuisine.

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